About Our Stencils

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Do you do custom stencils?

While normally we do, we're currently not taking on any custom orders.

Are all your stencils food safe?

Yes they are. To make sure that Sugar Vanilla Stencils complies with EU food contact laws all our stencils are cut from a UK produced plastic that complies with EU, Swiss and US (FDA) regulations and carries appropriate certifcation. We also keep track of all roll numbers our stencils are cut from. 

Can I reuse the stencils? How do I wash them?

Of course! Wash your stencil in warm soapy water using the tips of your fingers to remove any excess lustre dust or icing and take care not to lift any of the more delicate parts of the stencil. Rinse and allow to dry flat. Store flat or in plastic sleeves once dry. They are then ready to reuse. Please be aware that very dark colours, such as a black edible tint, may stain the stencil. 

How do I store my stencils? 

We like to store our stencils flat in a plastic dust free box. You can see examples here. Or you can store them in plastic sleeves in an album or filing folder.

How thick are your stencils?

All our stencils are 190 microns thick, which is 0.19mm thick. This means that you can use them easily for royal icing or melted chocolate and have a neat finish, but at the same time they are thin enough to be used with lustre dusts and air brushing. 

For US and Canadian customers 190 micons is equal to 7.5 mil (0.0075").

How are your stencils made?

Our stencils are tested throughout the design process with a number of test stencils cut. Once we're happy with the design they are laser cut into food safe plastic, checked and then packaged. 

How often do you have new designs and where does your inspiration come from?

We're constantly working on new designs, so as often as possible! As for inspiration, well from everything really. It could be a beautiful piece of fabric or it could be as simple as "I really want to make an owl cupcake, we need a stencil for that". Our designs are original to us, often drawn by hand at the start of the design process before being computer rendered. Any designs that are not designed by us, we hold the commercial licences for; this includes all fonts. 

Are your stencils made from Mylar?

No. Our stencils are cut from food safe plastic made in the UK, with EU and US food safe certification. Mylar is a brand name for a type of plastic produced in the USA, and while food safe approved in the US, it does not have food contact certification in the EU (the type we would use for stencils, other types do). This is not to mean that you cannot use stencils that are cut from Mylar, but as a UK company it was important for us to use UK produced and approved plastic. 

I run a small cake shop / cake school / cake decorating company - do you do wholesale and trade orders?

Yes we do. Please go to our Wholesale and Trade page for further information.